Knees To Chin

Spring rolls

Enjoy ultra fresh and tasty rice paper rolls.

Lactose free and very low in gluten, our recipes vary in function of seasonal products and offer a fusion of flavors from Asia and tastes of home.

A mix of veggie and non-veggie spring rolls.
Existing spring rolls :
Crispy Bacon, Caramelised Peppers, Minced Chicken, Coco Egg Omelet, Peking Duck, Prawns, Sweet Potato, Smoked Salmon
With peanut, lemon grass, hoisin, soy sesame, sweet chili sauce.

1 person = 2 spring rolls + sides

18 /person
Pay a 50% deposit per item
A minimum quantity of 8 persons is required to order food from this restaurant
50% deposit required To confirm your booking, but cancellation is free and fully refundable until 72h before the starting day
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