Pois Chiche

Middle eastern

Pois Chiche is a conscious Middle Eastern food bar bringing some of the best Levantine street food to our studio.

Chef’s plate a royal trip around the world of middle eastern kitchen.
Assortiment of hummus, fattoush, tabouleh, seasonal salad & vegetables, garniture and bread.

  • Falafel – Chickpea balls with fresh herbs and spices
  • Sabih – grilled eggplant, boiled egg, amba, zhoug & tarator
  • Berloumi – delicious Belgian grilled bio halloumi
  • Cauliflower Shawarma – seasoned, fried & crunchy cauliflower bits
19 /person
Pay a 50% deposit per item
A minimum quantity of 8 persons is required to order food from this restaurant
50% deposit required To confirm your booking, but cancellation is free and fully refundable until 72h before the starting day
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