Studio 1 + 2

Get the most of 50.8 Studio.

This combination offers an ideal shooting space with all confort and technical needs to organise simultaneously two sets by combining the big 3 walls cyclorama of Studio 1 and the useful 5m deep-curve cyclorama of Studio 2.

You also get two full kitchen, two hair & make-up / styling room and a great rest space for your clients in Studio 1.

  • Sofa area
  • Kitchen and dining table in each studio
  • Changing room for styling, hair and make up in each studio
    with iron & board, steamer available in extra
  • Shower
  • AirPlay-controlled speakers in each studio
  • Wi-Fi
  • Private parking lot
  • Drive-in access in Studio 1

  • 216m²
  • Cyclorama 3 wall, 7.5 x 10.5 x 4.4m
  • 2 x 63A three phase (400V) supplies
    power distributor 2x 32A tetra, 1x 16A tetra, 9x 16A mono
  • 2.7m Studio stand ( Cambo MBX-2 )

  • 70m²
  • 4,4m wide 5m deep-curve cyclorama
  • 1 x 32A three phase (400V) supplies
600 /day
70(starting from)
Extra hour(s)
view more details
Extra WE & NH
(sat, sun & nh)
Extra Power
(HMI, Tungsten, …)
Pay a 50% deposit per item
Cyclorama Provided covered, if used, reconditioning to white for the next client will be invoiced - View prices
Need a prep day ? Let us know when you place your booking and we will offer you 1/3 of the daily rate
50% deposit required To confirm your booking, but cancellation is free and fully refundable until 72h before the starting day
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