Yummy Bowl


Korean inspired vegetarian and vegan bowl.

Pretty bowl
Base : pâtes fraîches – roquette – burrata – aubergine- tomates variées – linguini de courgettes – tomates semi-séches – poivrons grillées
Toppings : grenade – pistache – cranberries – graines de pavot – basilic – crème balsamique
Sauce : pesto aux herbes

Super bowl Vegan & Gluten free
Base : quinoa deux couleurs – salade mixte – tofu – houmous à l’avocat – chou rouge mariné – haricot vert grillées – patates douces – edamame – pois chiche – linguini de courgettes – brocolis grillées – mangue
Toppings : grenade – baies de goji – jeunes oignons – graines de tournesol – graines germée
Sauce : curcuma citronée

Buddha bowl Vegan
Base : salade mixte – jeunes epinards – caviar d’aubergine – lentilles – tomates variées – boulettes de quinoa au curry – patate douce – radis – pois chiche – haricots rouges – celeri rave – œuf au plat – kiwi
Toppings : grenade – noix de pécan – mures blanche – graines germées
Sauce : fines herbes

Mix of these three bowls

17 /person
Pay a 50% deposit per item
A minimum quantity of 6 persons is required to order food from this restaurant
50% deposit required To confirm your booking, but cancellation is free and fully refundable until 72h before the starting day
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