FAQ - General

Can I cancel my booking ?

Yes, canceling your booking 72 hours before is free after that we don’t refund the deposit.

Can I place an hold a date ?

No unfortunately, but we refund the deposit if the booking is cancel 72h before the first day of shoot.

Can I rent equipment only ?

Yes, equipment rental are available in and out our studios.

How may I pay the rental ?

The payment is 50% in advance when reservation is made on the website and 50% when you will receive the invoice.

Do you offer any production services (assistant, make-up, stylist) ?

Yes, we do have a lot of freelancers in our database, don’t hesitate to contact-us at : prod@fiftypointeight.studio

I’m renting for several days, do I get a discount ?

If you rent for several following days, you will get for sure a discount on studios and equipment.

Are your studios soundproof ?

No, unfortunately.

FAQ - General

Do you have regular hours for the studios ?

Regular hours are 9am – 7pm, but extra hours and week-end booking are possible with extra-charges.

And how much does this extra cost ?

Between 7-9am and between 7-9pm occupancy shall be invoiced 70€ per hour, and 170€ per hour after 9pm. Bookings during weekends or Belgian national holidays will be subject to an increase of 150€ per rental/day.

Do you offer a special price for a prep-day ?

Let us know when you place your booking and we will offer you 1/3 of the daily rate of your prep-day.

Do you offer catering service ?

We don’t have in-house kitchen, but you can order catering on this page or in the cart when you’re placing your order.

Is your cyclorama always white ?

Cyclorama are provided covered, if used, reconditioning to white for the next client will be invoiced. We can also paint all or a part of the cyclo in the colour of your choice. View prices.

Is your internet fast enough ?

We offer Fiber Speed internet ( ↓ 480 Mbit/s – ↑ 98 Mbit/s ) with a 4G instant backup connection.

How much power do you have ?

88 kVA for the Studio 1
w/ 2x 63A tetra outlet and/or a distributor (2x 32A tetra, 1x 16A tetra, 9x 16A mono)

38 kVA for the Studio 2
w/ 1x 32A tetra and 2x 16A mono

What happens with trash ?

Trash are collected for make up and kitchen regarding a normal usage (snack, drinks, catering trashs). Trashes from set must be collected by the Client at the end of the day(s). If some trash remain in the Studio(s), an extra fee calculated based on the type and volume of trash shall be invoiced in additional costs.

FAQ - General

Pick up equipment hours ?

You may pick up the equipment the day before your rental day between 12am – 7pm.

What do I need for the pick up ?

Come by and bring your ID.
For the first renting you will have to fill out the new customers form, so please consider it could take a little time. Specially if you rent equipment you don’t know we do also take some time to explain how it works.

Drop off equipment hours ?

You have to drop off the equipment the day after your rental day between 9am – 12am.
Unfortunately we will have to charge an extra day if you drop it off later.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have trouble to bring it back in time, this way we may take it into consideration.

Is my equipment insured ?

Yes, but there is a self behalf of 600€ on rental equipment.
Damages due to improper handling, damages caused by water, theft in your car are not insured!

Do I have to pay a guarantee ?

No, you don’t pay an guarantee, only the rental price.

How do you handle canceled jobs ?

If the job is canceled 72 hours before pick up the cancelation will be free of charge. If a job is being canceled later we can charge up to 50% of the rental amount according to our rentalterms. If a Job is been canceled after pick up it will be charged for the day it´s been out.

Is a broken bulb charged ?

Yes, broken bulbs will be charged. Only normal use isn’t charged.


You don’t find the answer of your question in our F.A.Q. ?

No problem, you can reach us via the little question mark right down of this page.

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